For PT/OT Practice Owners Wanting to Transform Their Clinical System to Gain More Patient Referrals, Cash Sales, and Profitability
3-Day ClinicalEX Bootcamp for PT/OT's
11 Steps To an Exciting & Profitable Clinic That Generates a Ton of NP Referrals
Stop Working So Hard Without Getting the Reward
Only $549 (reg. $699)
Only 2 Seats Left
What will you walk away with? See for yourself below...
Double (or Triple) Your "Word-of-Mouth" Referrals
Eventually this will become your GoTo channel for new patients. This is strength when you no longer have to rely on outside referral sources to maintain and grow your practice. This is the key to future growth and strength.
Cut Your Documentation Time in Half!
This can kill quality care and staff morale. It can cause your staff to request more pay and it can make you hate your work. I'll show you how to cut your documentation time in half and easily train your staff on how to document properly (evaluation, daily notes and more).
"Quick-Acting" Techniques That Make You a Pro
To become the "GoTo" therapist in your community, you've got to get your patients talking. I'll show you how.
Add Proven Elective Svcs and Increase Monthly Cash Volume
There's an elective service that is just killing it for practices. Knowing how to offer it is key to success. Offering elective services and increase cash is either easy or hard. It's up to you.
How to "Wow" Patients
This is critical for a solid clinical care foundation that leads to high volume new patients and high cash flow.
Create Treatment Plans in Half the Time That Patients Love!
Stop working harder, and start working smarter.
Avoid the Top 5 Most Common Mistakes and Instantly Grow
This section alone pays for the cost of your entire trip. It will help you make $10,000 more within 30 days.
Integrate Yoga and Martial Arts Easily
If you are not offering "Yoga Therapy" by now, you are way behind the times. Everyone wants it because it works! And they love it!
Learn the Revolutionary "Nervous System Spiking" That Amazes Patients
This will transform your results.
Tools That Make It All Easy (That 99% Don't Know About)
If you don't have the tools, you will struggle no matter how good you are.
Install a Secret Component That None of Your Competition is Doing  
This is crazy cool. More patients and recurring revenue to boot!
Bonus Step-by-Step Workbook!
Stop Worrying Where Your Next Patient is Going to Come From
Most therapists are still doing things the old way as if insurances were still paying everything but the old ways don't work and are leading to negative consequences.

They're making horrible First Impressions leading to early drop-off and negative reputation.

• You can't make patients more sore when they come in.

• You can't go through 20 special tests

• You can't take forever on exams and documentation.

You will burn-out. 

But more critically, the patient will not be excited about therapy.

The old ways of doing exams, treatment planning, and treatments worked 10 years ago but not anymore. 

They will leave you even though referred by a physician.

You MUST do it better if you want to  become known as the best place to go for therapy, refer to therapy.

You MUST inject more excitement into your sessions that produce powerful results for patients.

These skills make it so you won't have to worry about marketing and advertising to keep your schedule full. Register for the 3-Day Challenge now and transcend your skills to another level.
TAKE-AWAY's from the "TRANSCEND" 3-Day ClinicalEX Bootcamp
• Learn the #1 Mistake Being Made by Most Clinicians and How to Avoid it.

• Perform Perfect Exams/Re-Evals/Progressions/Daily Notes Quickly with Less Documentation Yet Be Legally Sound

• How to Design Exciting Treatment Plans Quickly

• The Secret Tools That 99% of Clinicians Don't Know About That Make It Easy

• Quick-Acting Techniques, Quick Screens, and Quick "Wow" Actions that make you perceived as the best therapist in your region!

• The 3 Simple Actions That Get Patients Loving You, and YOU Loving Your Profession Again.

and more...
James provides clarity, energy and wisdom and his tools are immediately applicable. Awesome experience! What every PT never learnt in school, but are absolutely essential for clinical excellence!
Caren Lieberman, PT
TRANSCEND into Your Success
New York • July 7-9 (Fri-Sun)
Holiday Inn Manhattan View • 39-05 29th Street • Long Island City, NY 11101
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Broadway Shows  •  Central Park  •  Statue of Liberty  •  And much more!
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James' new approach to WOW the new patient is awesome. It is fast-acting and works powerfully. You can now shout from the mountain top to your community, "Come in for a Quick Screen to get the result you want and do all the things you love to do again". It really TRANSCENDs what we do!!
Philip Chan, PT
New Jersey
Only Cutting-Edge and Proven Training
($497 value)
Online Training Module Access BEFORE the Conference
"How to make your treatment into an exciting experience!" 
Other Topics Include:
1) The #1 biggest mistake made by most clinicians and how to avoid it.
2) Three actions you can take today.

3) One TOOL you need to implement right away
(Invaluable. $997 value)
Lifetime* Membership to the Private "TRANSCEND" ClinicalEx Group
For a short time*, we will be granting a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to be a part of a special group of other PT/OT/Peds owners who are there to support, share and encourage!

Don't do it alone. 

TRANSCEND with the group!

*Facebook private group platform for easy communication.

Get the 11 Simple Techniques and Instantly Transform Your Clinic into an Exciting, Profitable and Strong Business
It's time to stop suffering even though you're doing everything you can.

It's time to stop looking for empty solutions online, from books and blogs.

Get the real solution. Get your clinic exciting, your patients excited, and word-of-mouth exploding.

Learn the 11-Techniques in one fell swoop!
This conference is geared for instant success for PT and OT's in the Outpatient Setting, In-Home Services, and Peds.
CEU's available in most states. (reg. $699)
James Ko, PT
"You can walk away with "High-Level Skills", that save you time and give you a brighter future. And get all the tools you need to succeed."
  • James Ko, PT is the renowned expert in clinical excellence and processes.
  • Private Practitioner for over 19 years.
  • Owned over 7 clinics. 
  • Founder of a National Chain (Launching in 2017) 
  • Serves as an Expert Witness on PT/OT law in billing, documentation, and practice act. 
  • Advises attorneys on physical therapy law. 
  • Coached over 700 top practices. 
  • Has over 5,000 followers. 
  • Has been giving back to our profession for nearly 15 years.
I'm so happy with my investment in time and money to have come to the transcend conference with James Ko! As a new practice owner, I am leaving with a wealth of tools to apply TOMORROW to my business!! I am flooded with ideas and PASSION about our profession and how bright the future looks ahead! It was also valuable to have met so many other private practice owners that started with James years ago and are here sharing their stories and SUCCESS. THANK YOU JAMES!
Erica Galicia, OT
I have to warn you. This is NOT for everyone.
If you think your clinical skills is good enough because you've taken a million continuing ed courses and have a bunch of letters behind your name, and you think the answer is simply pumping more volume of patients onto your schedule, and somehow that's gonna make you rich and fulfilled, than this is NOT for you. 
And See What Real Success Feels Like
"You can't keep doing the same things over and over again yet expecting different results."
100% no BS money-back guarantee.
No Risk Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with the conference, just let us know before the end of the second day and we'll return all your money. No questions, no hassles, no problem.

No Penalty Cancellation Policy
You can cancel anytime up to 14-days of the conference and get a full refund. Otherwise, get 100% credit toward future conferences, webinars, products or services.
Will I learn "Fast-Acting" techniques?
Absolutely, you will learn manual techniques that "wow" patients. But more importantly, you'll learn when and how to apply them to achieve the maximum wow factor. And you'll learn how to fixe your entire clinical system.
Who is this for?
It's ideal for any private practice owner (PT, OT, Peds Therapist). It benefits anyone who wants a more efficient and exciting clinical care system. The model can be applied in any setting.
How does this Clinicalex Bootcamp increase profitability?
Leading business research reports say that increasing your customer satisfaction rate by 5% can boost your profits by as much as 125%. Knowing how to do that in the private practice setting is critical for success today.
How do you decrease documentation time?
Most practices don't understand the "3 levels of documentation standards" so they end up "over-documenting" on everyone--not knowing that over-documenting can hurt you just as much as under-documenting. We show you how to document only what is essential and necessary for the case whereby decreasing time by as much as 50%. A huge cost savings to the entire organization. And boosts patient quality care.
How do you create more exciting experiences?
The patient is the only one who can say whether a particular session was exciting or not. We show you step-by-step how to determine what a patient thinks is exciting and create a session that increases the value for the patient. This is a proprietary method and it's a game-changer!
What if I don't like it?
There's a no-risk, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like it, just let your instructor know by the end of the second day and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked. No hassle. No problem. And we won't take it personally.
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