James Ko, PT

Lead Instructor/Founder

Black Belt in martial arts and a Licensed Physical Therapist. He received his Black Belt when he was only 7 years old and has been practicing as a physical therapist for over 20 years. He’s also the founder of multiple courses such as the “Clinical EXcellence” and “MultiFunctional Movement” courses.

  • He has over 17 years of private practice expertise with over 8 separate clinics.
  • World renowned instructor in private practice.
  • Missionary to S. America, Thailand, and S. Korea. Founder of a national therapy franchise.

He enjoys playing with his Mac and Cozy, reading James Patterson and Nicolas Sparks, golfing, and playing his guitar.


He’s been featured in national media and was the contributor to the “Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy” for medical schools across the country.

Founder of the IndeFree Association, Therapist Advocacy Group (TAG), and other entities supporting therapists in private practice who are being unjustly scrutinized or investigated by the PT Board, Medicare, Insurance Companies, or consumer affairs. Creator of IndeHUB, IndeFAX, IndeOFFICE, and other software and applications to assist physical and occupational therapists.

Executive Ergonomic Advisor to Circuit City and Viewsonic Corporations. Professional Consultant and Developer of the Rehabilitation Division of Brea Community Hospital, Industrial Medicine unit of Walnut Industrial Medical Center, Rehabilitation Division of the Whittier Area Parents for the Adult Developmentally Handicapped Association, Sports Medicine Orthopedic Department of Revive Centers.



Amanda Dee, CYI, CPI

Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor. Her passion for yoga and the movement arts began after going through a difficult time in her life.

As she began to realize the power and transformation of yoga, she realized her purpose was to share it with others. Through Yoga she has found the meaning of balance, and how to let go. The higher level learning and fulfillment can be brought to the clinical setting to those who need it most. She believes the mind, body and spirit all play an equal role in living a healthy and fulfilled life.


Amanda loves to love and to be in love. Her favorite place in the world is anywhere on her yoga mat. She loves to go out dancing in New York, traveling, drinking herbal tea while reading a book. She loves lighting incense, laughing with her family, and watching Korean dramas late at night.